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The Only MT4 Harmonic Pattern Scanner with:

✅ Neural Network System
✅ Non-Repaint Confirmation Signals
✅ All Signals with Entry, SL and TP
✅ Up to 90% Accuracy

✅ Maxwell’s Equations for Double Confirmation

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How It Works

Watch the FSO Harmonic Scanner 8 in MetaTrader 4:

Why Choose FSO Harmonic Scanner

90% Accuracy

It’s no secret that you can’t rely on the Harmonic pattern only, since there are many factors could “break” the pattern rules. That’s why you need a smart Harmonic scanner. FSO Harmonic Scanner comes with amazing accuracy up to 90%. The best in the industry.

Scan All Pairs and Timeframes Automatically

No more manual scan on each pair and each timeframe. Now you can sit back and relax as the FSO Harmonic Scanner 8 automatically scan all potential patterns on all pairs and all time-frames (from M15 to Monthly).

Provide Entry, SL, TP1 & TP2

All signals provides the exact Entry level, safe SL, TP1 & TP2. You may use only TP1 as your target for maximum accuracy. But to maximize your potential profit, you can set your target at TP2, and then close your position partially when TP1 hit and move your SL to your Entry level to secure your position.

Working with Neural Network System

With built-in Neural Network System, the FSO Harmonic Scanner 8 “learns from the mistakes” and rewrite the new algorithm automatically. The software become smarter day by day to filter and provide better signals.

Non Repaint Confirmation Signals

Wait for the non-repaint confirmation signal before you execute the pattern detected.

Maxwell’s Equations for Double Confirmations

When confirmation signal occurs and followed by the same direction on second indicator (Maxwell’s Equations), you get an even sharpen signal.

Clean Dashboard and Trade Button

All detected patterns are shown in one dashboard with easy and clean interface. You can go to the pair and timeframe directly with one click button.

Support All Types of Notifications

For every pattern detected and confirmation signals, you can get notified via Pop-Up Sound, Email, SMS & Push Alerts.

Easy to Install

Even we provide video installation guide, most of you wont need to watch the video, because installing the FSO Harmonic Scanner 8 is very easy with installation wizard.

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS

You can use the FSO Harmonic Scanner 8 in Windows and Mac OS. You just need to choose your OS while checkout.

How to Trade with FSO Harmonic Scanner 8

Wait the scanner scan and catch profitable patterns

Let the FSO scan and find all potential patterns. All detected profitable pattern will be displayed on the dashboard.

Wait for confirmation signal

Do not execute the pattern before you got the confirmation signal. Your patience matters.

Double check with Maxwell’s Equation direction

After you got the confirmation signal, double check it with the Maxwell’s Equation direction. When both direction matched, you may expect a very good result!

Execute the position, place your Stop and Target

Never trade without Stop Loss! You may use only TP1 as your target for maximum accuracy. But to maximize your potential profit, you can set your target at TP2, and then close your position partially when TP1 hit and move your SL to your Entry level to secure your position.

F . A . Q .

Do you use Fibonacci to define Target and Stop?

No. We found some weakness in using Fibonacci for Target and Stop. We use our own algorithm inside the Neural Network System instead.

What Operating System supports this indicator?

FSO Harmonic Scanner 8 is compatible in Windows and Mac Operating System.

How many trading accounts I can use for one license of FSO Harmonic Scanner?

You may install the FSO Harmonic Scanner into 2 trading accounts (both real or demo).

What notifications provided by the indicator?

FSO Harmonic Scanner 8 provides all types of notifications, including: Email, SMS, Pop-Up Sound & Push Alerts.

Do you provide support for installations and trading guides?

Yes. Email support is available for all customers with guarantee reply within 24 hours.

Ready to Win The Market?

Here are what included in the package:

✅ FSO Harmonic Scanner 8 software
✅ Install to upto 2 MT4 Accounts (Demo or Real)
✅ Video Tutorial on How to Install
✅ Video Tutorials on How to Trade with The Scanner
✅ Free Lifetime Updates

✅ Email Support with Guarantee Reply within 24 Hours!

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